Mar 18, 2023

Considered – Knowledge, means and inventive build

Romania are an excellent patriarchal country the spot where the men try much regarding required locate themselves. “You’re difficult intercourse, never ever scream, you should never amuse ideas, get a better “man” job, be hard, suck they!” is a dialogue in every relatives. The brand new venture idea: difficulties this type of stereotypes and you can promote Romanian people to-get on their particular as a consequence of relatable stories.


A global rebranding looked to out function as no. 1 window of opportunity for Remington having a special voice in Romania. It had been Remington’s basic communications promotion to the Romania, immediately after several years of quiet. Naturally, the work came with multiple hopes and dreams: to help you revitalize Remington’s photographs in to the Romania, to help you stick out talk on the brand and in order to improve conversion process getting its hero product lines.


Remington’s address are a standard listeners men and women, 18 to help you forty-5 years old. Yet not, browse proved you to definitely people users believe the company immediately after brand new a brandname for women. Which have for example an interesting it is possible to to come, i paign and you may generally target them. This, that have at heart the main objectives: display screen the content out-of rebranding, adjust they in your neighborhood, instead of forgetting products which was from inside the interest as the an excellent consequence of our solutions designed for people.

Remington venture talked regarding susceptability and you will notice-anticipate in to the Romania, a good patriarchal country where the male is thought to be the hard sex and anyone while the weakened gender. The campaign confronted so it impression and you will stereotypes if you’re you are improving conversion process having Remington. We desired to perform with the an individual’s inner convinced doubts that assist some one, for example guys, have the courage so you’re able to topic personal stereotypes and create an existence of one’s own “Indrazneste sa fii TU!” – campaign’s tagline computed by the international placement are nearly saying “challenge be oneself”.


The campaign () involved several tactics, some of them approaching women, others targeting men and some other targeting both categories. The Confident Series. The photo and editorial project we started with Andreea Retinschi and Andreea Verde gathered stories to your care about-love and you can notice-greet. Self-love takes over. We collaborated with one of the biggest online magazines in Romania and – for one episode – we turned their love and sex show into a self-such let you know. Women say… In this editorial project involving Simona Tache we interviewed tens of different women on hot topics such as many years, motherhood and you may societal challenges impacting lady in Romania. Real men/women, real trials. Influencers tested the products while answering questions from their followers starting a much-needed conversation about vulnerability and self-acceptance.The next phase targeted men only. We started a conversation about men stereotypes in Romania and the unrealistic expectations society has from them, in a video series where different men tried to dismantle some of the most well-known stereotypes (“Men have dirty jobs”;“Men who show their feelings are weak”; “Men shouldn’t spend time in the kitchen”; “Men don’t need compliments“). The episodes can be watched on YouTube or on Remington Romania’s Fb page.

Investigations – Feeling

The company gained both worth therefore perception. Strategy tell you: 5 million some one hit. 700,100 views. 73,000 personal facts. step one,600 pure progress into the Remington’s Instagram registration. Men issues sales became by twenty four% and girls activities conversion enhanced from the seven%. “I am surely in love with it promotion”. “Remington performed hence chill question. We truly need a great deal more!”. “Perhaps one of the most authentic campaigns after you take a look at the new Romania not too long ago”.

Advancement And you will Development

We expected our selves just what it a way to finish getting the correct brain. Could it possibly be if you’re insecure otherwise while solid? Convinced otherwise skeptical? The solution we see can one obtaining the real observe inquiries reaching your entire prospective once you find your self providing wade all goggles. Why? Since there is no-you to become a better You than you might.

While some brands mention alter or simplicity, Remington encourages people to demonstrate its genuine and you may actual selves, whatever the effects. This is how genuine boldness appears.

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